Saturday, 30 January 2016

Horizons and Travels, a set of desert and highway inspired resin and paper pendants

Have you ever looked and marvelled at photos of desert highways, particularly those in America? You know those shots where tumble weeds roll by and on either side of the highway lay vast amounts of land with a few rugged hills and mountains and the highway just seems to go on forever?

I personally have and I just love those images, there is something so simple and surreal about them. I mention these images now because the latest set of paper and resin pendants I have made have been inspired by the roads and desert scenes that I have spoken about, though of course in a more abstract and simplified manner.

Each design has a main red line or thin shape that travels across the pendant, like the roads that go off into the distance. The round red circle element is sometimes a tumble weed, sometimes the rising sun. All four examples have a sense of some kind of journey taking place.

The colours I've chosen are in themselves more oriental, I love golds and reds and felt the contrast from the two colours, along with the silver helped lift the shapes and overall composition. The shapes have also been given more lift by the use of a black wax pencil that I used to share around each shape and the edge of the pendant.

I am hoping to make another set in the near future which also feature mountains and hills. I may change my colour pallet to reflect colours from the desert scenes.  So please stay tuned!

Until next time.

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