Wednesday, 20 January 2016

When paper jewelry is just awesome!

I thought I would use this post today to share with you some examples of AWESOMENESS. Sometimes you come across a piece of paper jewelry that makes your jaw just drop and your mouth start to drool. Following are some examples of paper jewelry that make me do just that. They are examples of artistic flair and craftsmanship which I believe are of the highest quality and to which I aspire to.

These pieces of AWESOMENESS have been created by the talented British artist Liz Hamman who makes her paper jewelry from reclaimed maps and books. 

First of all I love the colours used, the use of bold red and black are always so stunning in my opinion. The softness of the paper in contrast with the solid beads add a wonderful visual interest. In the final example the sculptural nature of those paper chains is just stunning and I personally think quite adventurous design wise.

Next are some examples of just stunning rings by paper artist Jeremy May. Again my favourite use of colours, reds, neutrals, flashes of blues are all incorporated in his designs.

What I am also most impressed by is the stunningly perfect finish he achieves. I am curious to see how he achieves that. Polished resin? The simple abstract designs are so stunning and the rings themselves are wearable, which I think is also important.

I really do hope that my own paper jewelry can one day also be held in high esteem by others. At the moment I am at a level where I am designing and making for the everday fashion lover rather than for high-end art galleries which I feel is where these pieces are at home.

I hope you have enjoyed the paper jewelry examples I have shared today. I am sure you would agree that they are just AWESOME! Stay tuned for more updates on my own practice with new pieces being blogged about frequently.


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