Monday, 18 January 2016

Metallic papers and charming paper and resin pendants

 If I haven't already mentioned it, then I will now... I love metallics! I love gold and silver and I am always looking for ways to incorporate these elements in my paper jewellery. We don't often think of paper jewelry as being gold or silver, it's more often simply the color of card available or patterned scrapbook paper. For me using gold and silver metallic papers means I can achieve a level of preciousness that using other papers alone cannot achieve.

With my latest paper and resin pendants I have limited myself to using gold and silver paper matched with one other colour. The use of fine stripes of gold and silver I feel achieves a sense of delicateness that is in contrast with the bold block of colour and gold or silver background.

As you can see the backs of these pendants are finished using quality scrapbook paper card which lets me create a more stable and ticker pendant. Notice also that both sides have been domed with resin from which is a high quality non-toxic resin for jewelry making.

At the moment I am still in the middle of making more of these rectangular shaped pendants and once finished will photograph them and list them on my Etsy shop. Each pendant will also come with a silver plated necklace. So if you are interested please follow me by email or follow me on Facebook for updates. I am happy to sell outside of Etsy as well, just send me a message or leave a comment.

Until next time, thank you for dropping by.

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