Thursday, 14 January 2016

Paper and Resin Pendants, a new addition to the Der Papierfuchs collection

Beautiful papers and crystal clear resin come together to create these precious pendants. Using hand painted and scrapbook papers with metallic papers give these pendants a handmade charm and delicateness.

Artistically my focus has been on using colour and simple shapes to create interesting and balanced designs. Using gold and silver paper lets me bring in a sense of traditional jewellry which commonly features precious metals. 

Each pendant is finished with a silver plated bail and comes with a 46cm silver coloured chain. To purchase please visit Der Papierfuchs' Etsy shop at 

If you like my work or have any other suggestions related to the jewellery I make please leave a comment below, all comments are appreciated!


  1. Pretty! I love a bit of metallic shine.

    1. It's a nice way to get some bling without the cost of real gold and silver!