Thursday, 31 March 2016

On Wednesdays we wear pink! Pink paper bead jewelry from Der Papierfuchs

Does anyone else out there just love PINK? For me, pink is one of those colours that puts a smile on my face, it's my 'happy' colour. For me it's also a warm and cosy colour (if a colour can be cosy) but at the same time there are a variety of pinks that can but outright sexy and wild, like an awesome hot pink. I don't think pink could really ever go out of fashion. I think it's one of those colours that lurks in most people's closets. 
For this reason I am never scared to include pink in my jewelry pallet. In fact after basic colours like black, white and grey, pink is always my next go-to colour when making beads and jewelry pieces.

Below are some examples of the pink pieces I've made recently. They are all made using pink paper that is either bought as pink card stock or has been hand painted by myself in shades of pink.  

So is pink also your favourite colour? Are you more into neutrals or do other colours make your day? I would love to know what other colours people enjoy wearing and which colours you believe go best together!

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