Thursday, 4 February 2016

A bit of Color Therapy anyone?

As I've mentioned in other posts, lately I have been creating these colorful stretch bracelets feauting my hand painted and handmade paper beads. I have gone through the colors of the rainbow to bring a set of bracelets that can not only add a fun splash of color to your outfit but can also be used for colour therapy.

In a nutshell color therapy is the use of color in your everyday life to change aspects of your mood and health. It doesn'T mean you have to go around town looking like you walked though a rainbow. Each color has a meaning and corresponding qualities, thus you may focus on including more of one or two colors depending on your situation and needs.

Hear is a chart I found online that outlines what some of the most common colours are associated with.

As you can see being particular of the colors you choose to wear or incorporate more into your environment can help stimulate or increase certain qualities.

 Below are some of the stretch bracelet and earring sets that I have made. There are many more colors to choose from, just see some of my older posts for photos of these. My particular favorites are the ones with multiple color combinations, maybe that means I need help in multiple areas of my life? Hehehehe!

I would love to know if you have ever used color therapy in your life and which colors you love to wear. Please leave a comment below and share with us your preferences.

Until next time!

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