Wednesday, 21 October 2015

It all started with a paper bead tutorial on Youtube

Have you ever watched a video on Youtube showing you how to make paper beads? Well don't, unless you're looking for a new addiction. It's all true what they say, once you've made your first paper bead, there is no going back! They are so very addictive.

So as you might have guessed, I HAVE watched those Youtube tutorial, I HAVE become addicted, as warned, and now I HAVE a mountain of paper beads that I am happily turning into paper bead jewellery and trading under the name Der Papierfuchs.

For me I think it's that little element of surprise, as you roll the paper up and watch the bead form under your thumb. You cannot always predict where the colours will go, what patterns will emerge. Papery excitement indeed!

It's funny how things happen sometimes, change of country, a change of language, different career or job opportunities because of these factors. But all in all, it looks like a change for the better. A change towards more passion, creativity and a chance to express my artistic side once again. (I was an artist before I was a teacher, before I was a crafter).

Thank you for dropping by. DO remember to visit my blog, thus keeping up to date with all that is happening at Der Papierfuchs and my big wooden desk/workbench!



  1. Hi Kathy, your paper jewelry and Etsy shop look really nice! Thanks for the follow on Pinterest as it's what led me to your blog. I completely understand the way a video drew you in as I had a similar experience when I first became interested in paper (but my intro was a magazine article). Congratulations on your launch and first Christmas market!

    1. Thank you Ann,I really appreciate your comment! Hope you have enjoyed your visit to my blog and return again soon!